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The Riviera

Bellaria Igea Marina

A country which is his great fortune and fame to the ability to travel all the guests feel like they are at home. A quiet place on a human scale, where you can stroll peacefully cycling without traffic dangers.
But also a great starting point, thanks to its strategic location, well connected to all the other realities of the landscape and the beautiful Adriatic Coast hinterland.
Among the major points of interest surely stand "CASA ROSSA", summer home of the writer Alfredo Panzini, newly restored with the surrounding park. Open to the public in the evening.
In addition to the "CASA ROSSA" you can visit the Saracen tower, built in the seventeenth century by the fishermen. Inside you can see the collection of paper money and malacological a time.

Memorable evening stroll along the Viale dei Platani that runs throughout the pedestrian center of town, happily enriched by an oasis of greenery and water, as well as the attractive chic boutiques, bars and restaurants and rides for children. The shopping center and heart of Bellaria you can forward to the green parks that decorate the town. The Parco del Gelso is the green lung of Bellaria Igea Marina, grows around its lake and extends from the upstream to the center of Igea Marina.

By the blue sea to the green of the Parco Pavese ... Just across the street from the beach and along the Avenue of the sea you can relax under the trees in the park.